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This century is the century of internet and information technologies that changing the way we live and the way we think. If we say internet then there might be no one who is not familiar with the word internet and the user of internet has significantly been increased in recent years. According to a study today the internet users increasing twice as fast as it was increasing 10-12 years earlier, which has significantly impacted the world in a positive way and this impact can be seen in every sector and business is not exception of that. Today almost every enterprises, company, entity needs to be connected with internet in order to be successful, achieve their goals, to deliver quality services to their customers. No any business can be successful without a good management of marketing because it is one of the most important parts of any business entity and without it you won’t be able to gain recognition from your customers or your clients and this could be fatal for your business. You need to have recognised by the customers, the customers should have to know everything about your products or services, your brand also needs to be recognised at a glance and for it marketing plays an imperative role. Recognition among your customers depends on how you have managed the marketing process. Today we are going to talk about internet marketing which is an essential part of marketing and today in the era of internet how your business is going to be change significantly. According to Marjorie Clayman – Director of Client Development, Clayman Advertising, Inc. – Marketing is building your brand, convincing people that your brand (meaning your product/service/company) is the best and protecting the relationships you build with your customers. Online marketing is a set of powerful tools and methodologies that is used for bringing awareness of your products and services through the internet. There are lots of benefits associated with internet marketing such as:

• Reduce Expenses: One of the major benefits that it gives to any business is that it reduces expenses that can be further used to strengthening the product or service quality and if you will come up to the expectations of customers and complete their needs then this could be win-win situation for you.

• Competitive advantage: competition is one of the things that affect your business. Internet marketing gives you an extra edge to be the better side. You can spread awareness of your product and services much earlier than your counterparts if your counterpart is not using any such means of marketing.

• Growth in potential: Growth potential is an organization’s future ability to generate larger profits, expand its workforce and increase production. If you use internet marketing then you and your workers have less time to spend on it plus it saves your money and time as well that you can use in production of production.

Online marketing connects you to qualified and potential customers and it can help your business to boom significantly. It gives flexibility and convenience. Consumers may research and purchase products and services at their leisure time. Therefore it is imperative to adopt online marketing strategy in order to be successful and delivering the best product and services to your customer.

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